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Trilok FootLok Strap

The FootLok Strap is used for the TriLok Ankle Control System. This strap offers superior forefoot control with its adjustable external ligament design.
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The FootLok Strap is used for the TriLok Ankle Control System. This strap offers superior forefoot control with its adjustable external ligament design. It also provides lateral and medial unloading and stabilization of the ankle. When worn for lateral ankle sprains the FootLok strap follows almost the exact same path of the peroneals attaching to the midfoot starting at the base of the first metatarsals, crossing the sole of the foot, wrapping around the base of the fifth metatarsal and then attaching to the outside of the fibula. Pulling up on the FootLok strap has the same effect as firing the peroneal muscles.

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    I got the footlock strap to replace the one that came with the Bioskin Trilok brace. It works as described and allows me to walk for miles without pain from a partially torn tendon. I would rate this a 5 star if it’s made in a darker color. The white strap stains easily and the stain would not come off with vigorous washing using a mild soap.

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    I have rheumatoid arthritis and for over 5 years I have used the Tri-Lok brace when necessary. I just bought a second brace because recently both ankles have been affected. It provides great stability and eases the pain, allowing me to function through daily chores. I have tried other braces over the years but this is the best I've used. It was recommended by an orthopedic surgeon I saw in regard to bone spurs at the base of my ankle. It is not an easy brace to strap into but with a little practice it is well worth the effort. It is comfortably worn under athletic shoes. Video directions for applying the brace are available online. It will work on the right or left foot, for either medial or lateral support, depending on the direction the ankle strap is applied. I do not hesitate in recommending this product.

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    Jack Attack7/25/16

    This new strap is much wider than the original strap that was with my brace so it gives much more support. Cost is a little pricey though as material used is somewhat flimsy.

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    I have what is called an Accessory Navicular bone in my right foot that causes me problems with athletic or just day to day activities. I'm 66 and very active. The Tri lock keeps me out there and releases pressure on the ligament that is between the two bones. Good quality product.

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    It's doing what I needed it to do, but it seems kind of flimsy and stretches out quite easily. I have a medium Trilok foot and ankle brace and purchased the small strap to have enough support. The medium was too long when it stretched out.

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    David Curran9/11/15

    Fantastic has allowed me to continue to be active despite stage 3 posterior tibial tendinitis. White strap a bit flimsy, easily get dirty, and gets pulled off a bit on last step but all in all... I LOVE THE PRODUCT!

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