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AFTR™ Ankle Brace with Gel

One of the biggest challenges to recovering after an ankle sprain is the swelling that causes pain and limits mobility. The AFTR with Gel provides compression and stabilization to get your patients back on their feet as quickly as possible.
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The AFTR with Gel is an excellent choice for treatment immediately after an ankle sprain. The medical-grade compression and gel pads around the ankle will reduce edema and pain to facilitate a quicker return to activity. The stirrup straps provide stability to protect the ankle during the early return to mobility. Our unique material is breathable, hypo-allergenic, and easily contours to the shape of your foot.
Features and Benefits
  • Gel pads around the ankle
  • Made of Bio Skin® material
  • Excellent Compression
  • Trimmable to fit length of foot
  • Universal left or right
  • 100% neoprene free and latex free

4Reviews For AFTR™ Ankle Brace with Gel

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    Prompt shipping. Terrific ankle brace. Extremely supportive w/out being overly bulky. Feels like a good ankle tape job!

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    Gwen W8/28/14

    After a severe ankle fracture and dislocation, I required surgery. 6 weeks NwB was hard, but then when it came time to walk I received a brace and was able to discontinue the walking boot. The brace that was given to me was I'll fitting and irritated the incision that not completely healed, so I was on the market for a new brace.

    After trying 4, I found this one. I'm so glad I gave it a try! My ankle is no longer swelling after an entire day (and taking care of two little boys). It fits wonderfully. Great support. I am so very thankfully for this brace.

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    Gwen W8/28/14

    I had a trimalleolar ankle fracture that required surgery, after six weeks of non weight bearing the doctor gave me an aircast brace and I got to discontinue the moon boot. My incision on my outer ankle has not completely healed and the aircast brace irritated it to where it wasn't healing, and it was very ill fitting; so I had to find a better option.

    After buying 4 different braces, that didn't give me the needed support or fit, I decided to try the BIOSKIN brace and I am thrilled with it. I am confident walking. My ankle is not swollen after an entire day of wearing it (and taking care of two little boys). I am very impressed and thankful for this product. I recommend it to anyone in the same boat as me. Gives wonderful support.

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